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It’s the beginning of a lovestory


More than 25 years ago, I started to print my own t-shirts for my friends, university colleagues and whoever wanted to buy them. I was already driven by the will to build something, a company, a brand… Step by step my small student enterprise became bigger and bigger. I was full of ideas and imagination. I started my own company, created a few brands and never stopped challenging ideas, visions and perspectives since then.

A few years ago, still excited by the textile industry, my envy to push bounderies and the will to bring something new on the textile market, I decided to launch a brand that would take a different approach. For me that meant contemporary quality clothes made with respect, for people, nature, and environment. That meant a brand with a new way of thinking and producing. Stanley and Stella was born in 2012.

Stanley and Stella is ready and proud to take on the responsibility of facing up the challenge to change the textile's industry long established behaviors.

I know it will take time to change these, but we can and we will.

Jean Chabert, founder of Stanley & Stella
Stanley & Stella
Stanley & Stella
Stanley & Stella
Stanley & Stella
Stanley & Stella
Stanley & Stella
Stanley & Stella
Stanley & Stella

Everyday on the field, close to the market.

Our collection is available today through a network of dealers that are following our standards of quality, ethics, and values. Today, our aim is to build the first European official dealer network to offer you the service and the quality that befits our standards. In order to offer you the best, we are constantly listening to advice and paying attention to what’s happening around us and to the latest trends.
Today, we a proud to say that more than 710 retailers are trusting us. In 2015 we sold 5,5 million pieces all over Europe and even more a bit further. Let’s continue the adventure together!

Pursuing together the same goal…
The dreamteam.

Clothes are made for people and…by people. Stanley and Stella is a team composed of people working for the same project. More than a brand, Stanley & Stella is a joint adventure that brings people together around the same goal. We have been working on this exciting project since 2012 and we now have more than 50 people who every day are developing new ways of producing and working with textile fibres and fabrics to bring them to you.
With our headquarters in Belgium, a liaison office in Bangladesh and customers all over Europe, we know what being international and dealing with cultural differences means!

We are producing clothes that
will live with your stories.

Your clothes have a power. They define your style, the way you feel, the way you walk, the way you dance,… the better and more comfortable you are in your clothes, the more confident you will feel. That’s the pure effect of natural materials being in direct contact with your skin. Adding a nice cut which will beautify you and, the cherry on the cake, you can wear it with pride! You’re ready to live the best stories of your life!


There is no age
 be young…

Indeed being contemporary is a state of mind, an attitude, a lifestyle or even a mindset. It means being up-to-date with your time, while having a new and modern outlook on the world. But it means moving forward, opening new doors because we are curious. It means increasing human interconnections through networks and communities, thanks to new technologies.
Travel, explore, get inspired and use creativity in your daily life in order to distinguish yourself from others.


Being authentic means
enjoying the simple and
pure things of life.

It’s going back to essential, while staying original and true. It’s Like enjoying an evening with friends while listening to nice music and laughing together. It’s a cosy evening next to your open fire with the people you love. It’s also reusing old stuff and giving them a new life, in a way that none had thought about before. It’s the smell of fresh bread when you enter a bakery, it’s the pizzaiolo who is happy to take the pizza out of the oven. It’s feeling the grass under your feet during a bright summer. it’s being yourself in every occasion and never forgetting where where you come from… nature…


Love it, live it, share it.

Music connects souls, inspires for creations. Its artistic spirit mixes ages, genders and cultures together.

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Sustainability is about acting
according to your beliefs.

About treating your workforce and every living being around you with the respect they deserve. About preserving and managing your immediate environment in a way that means it can continue to flourish for generations to come.

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Fabrics, touch & feel

The choice of the fabric for our products and collection is part of a long process.

First, we touch… Is it the softness and the style we want ?
We choose fabrics that are both highly fashionable and have a contemporary look.

Secondly we feel… Is it nice and comfortable to wear ?
The aim is that you wear our products. Every day in any kind of situation, so comfort is a main concern.

Then we analyse, is it sustainable, can I easily personalise it ?
We only choose fabrics that are both printable and made from sustainable material, such as organic cotton, Modal, Tencel, linen & wool. All these fabrics are produced using less energy and less water while resulting in less waste. We also use recycled polyester which allow us to be part of the reuse cycle.

Finally, we bring it to you!
Today we can propose more than 14 different sustainable fabrics and 5 different dyeing techniques. We mix techniques, fabrics, challenge the fabrics we work with to evolve and innovate everyday . There’s no limit to creation!

Quality lies in the details

Quality lies in the details

We pay close attention to each detail. From the choice of the fabric and the cut of our garments to the way they are stitched together and fastened. Each piece is different and finished to perfection.

Colour experts

Colour experts

We offer you more than 120 colours to inspire your collections. A wide range of heather shades, a timeless palette of essential colours and trendy seasonal tones. Some of ours styles are dyed after sewing which gives a shaded used-look effect and creates a vintage look while imparting incredible softness.
Have a look at our colour card to see all our colours in detail.

It fits perfectly

It fits perfectly

We create apparel people wear. That’s why we pay close attention to shapes and to the perfect fit. From fitted to loose and oversized, everyone is able to find their own style that fits their shape and body.