Working conditions and well-being  

Goals : 
  • Ensure good and safe working conditions for factory workers at all our Tier 1 suppliers in close collaboration with them. 
  • Stanley/Stella (HQ and local liaison offices): strengthen employee engagement through a stimulating environment and attractive conditions. 
Completed or ongoing actions : 
  • Partnership and common commitment with Tier 1 suppliers: 
    • Establishment of a local liaison team (30 people) for close collaboration with suppliers. 
    • Adherence of suppliers to the Stanley/Stella Code of Conduct, in line with the principles of the United Nations’ International Labour Organization. 
    • Supplier audits in line with our FWF membership. 
    • Constant monitoring and follow-up by the local liaison team for continuous improvement at Tier 1 suppliers and the majority of Tier 2 suppliers. 
  • Actions at Stanley/Stella HQ and local liaison offices: 
    • Friendly workplace environment which reinforces team spirit and well-being. 
    • Range of attractive benefits. 
Next steps: 
  • Reinforce our supplier onboarding, appraisal system, monitoring, and Corrective Action Plans in line with Human Rights Due Diligence (HRDD) principles. 
  • Reinforce social aspects (with focus on worker conditions) in risk assessment activities for our diversification and growth strategy, both at global and local level. 
  • Extend HRDD further upstream in our supply chain. 
  • Actions at Stanley/Stella HQ: 
    • Task force on work life balance and flexible working policy. 
    • Reinforce people development through on-the-job and external training. 

Community engagement and impact  

Goals : 
  • Fair remuneration: strive to provide factory workers at our Tier 1 suppliers with a living wage. 
  • Education: promote professional and personal development through training and local cooperation. 
  • Directly support projects in local communities. 
Completed or ongoing actions : 
  • Fair remuneration: 
    • Stanley /Stella top management commitment and ownership to advocate for living wage in partner factories. 
    • First analysis of wage gap at Tier 1 suppliers. 
    • Introduction of FWF’s Fair Price app to facilitate fact-based costing by suppliers. 
  • Education: 
    • Implementation of FWF’s Workplace Education Program (WEP)  
  • Projects contributing to local communities: 
    • Fair Priced Grocery Shops in Bangladesh 
    • Solar-powered water pump in India 
Next steps: 
  • Fair remuneration: 
    • Develop a strategy and roadmap to contribute to a living wage in our partner factories. 
    • Expand the use of the Fair Price app to all our suppliers to better align purchasing practices. 
    • Initiate a pilot project on factory efficiency improvements to directly contribute to higher worker remuneration. 
    • Continue to provide alternative solutions that directly benefit workers’ living standards, e.g. subsidised grocery stores. 
  • Stanley/Stella Fund: develop a coordinated, consistent approach to supporting projects for local communities. 

Diversity, inclusion and equity  

Goals : 
  • Build an inclusive company providing equal opportunities to all  
Completed or ongoing actions : 
  • More than 25 different nationalities working at Stanley/Stella. 
  • Increased diversity in images used in marketing communication. 
Next steps: 
  • Develop policy and reporting process to ensure equity in terms of remuneration, promotion, etc.