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What are the implications of the UK leaving the EU?

The UK left the EU customs union & single market on 31st December 2020 which has resulted in the implementation of controls for all cross-border trade between the UK & the EU as of 1st January 2021.

Q: How will my company be affected by Brexit?
Business transactions between the UK and EU countries were previously seen as intra-community traffic and therefore not subject to customs import processes and duty payments. Brexit changes this, meaning products must be included in customs declarations, with a liability to pay duty.

Q : Who will pay customs duties?
Our customers. Stanley Stella proudly manufactures its products in Bangladesh and due to the change in the Rules of Origin, our products when imported into the UK, are now subject to duties of 12%.

Q : How are these duties calculated? 
TNT/ Fedex invoice duties based on  data obtained from ST/ST invoices :  (Value of the goods & transport costs) x 12% 
If no transport costs are invoiced by ST/ST, TNT/Fedex  is obliged by HRMC to apply a fee by default. 

Q : What fees are charged by TNT/Fedex?
  1. Duties  : please refer to the above-mentioned comments. 
  1. Import VAT (20%)  
NB : please note that VAT will technically not be charged should you have a PVA (Postponed VAT Accounting). 
Should you have a PVA, please could you inform y our Customer Care Representative. 
  1. Deferment process fee is charged by TNT/Fedex who pays the UK Duty & VAT to HMRC on your behalf . If you have a deferment account, please inform y our Customer Care Representative. 

Q : Are there changes to prices?
In order to reduce the impact of these duties, we at Stanley/Stella, have decided to decrease our prices as of 8th of February 2021. This major change will enable us to continue to offer you the best fashionable & sustainable collection at a competitive rate on the UK market.
These new prices will be live on the webshop as of Monday 8th of February 2021.

Q : How do we pay customs duties?
Within a few days of your order being delivered, you will receive an invoice from the carrier (TNT/FEDEX, DHL or DPD) for the duties & taxes.

Q : Who handles customs clearance?
Carriers (TNT/FEDEX, DHL or DPD) clear the goods from customs.

Q: what is the current expected delivery time?
Your order will be delivered between 5 to 7 working days

Q: What incoterms will be used for our orders?
All goods will be shipped from our warehouse in Antwerp, Belgium to our UK customers.
The default incoterm is D.A.P (Delivered At Place).

Q: Will the incoterms change in the coming weeks?
Yes. We are working on both short and long-term solutions to facilitate the invoicing process and to benefit from the preferential customs tariffs. We will inform you as soon as goods will be delivered DDP (Duties Delivered Paid).

Q: Will your Sales Terms & Conditions change?
Yes, as soon as the incoterms are changed to DDP (Duties Delivered Paid).

Q: Will there be changes to our invoices?
No : our invoices will continue to be issued from our Headquarters in Belgium. Duties are not collected by Stanley Stella and therefore will not appear on our invoices.

Q: Can we expect changes to our payment terms?
No : existing payment terms remain in place.

Q : What requirements are necessary to place an order?
We require your EORI number. If you have not already provided us with your number, please email harris.grivas@stanleystella.com.
If you do not have one, you may apply for one on gov.uk.

Q: How will Brexit affect our deliveries?
Our carriers have advised that there could be delays during the first few weeks.

Q : Will our orders continue to be delivered by DPD?
No. Your orders (including express) will temporarily delivered by TNT.

Q: What information will we need to provide for our deliveries?
As of 1st January we will have to provide our carriers with your contact details (name & telephone number). You will be contacted prior to each delivery.
This information will be captured in a mandatory field in our web shop for all our UK customers & passed on to our carriers.

Q : Can we obtain a certificate of origin?
Yes. Stanley/Stella is able to supply a non-preferential Certificate of origin issued by the Belgian Chamber of Commerce. Each certificate is only valid per order. The lead time to acquire a Certificate of origin is 5-7 working days. There will be an administration charge of GBP20 per request.

Q: Who do we contact regarding Brexit?
Should you require further information please reach out to your ST/ST contacts who will be able to assist you.