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Frequently asked questions

We’ve brought together some commonly asked questions about delivery, returns, payments, our products, and more, so we hope you’ll find the answers you need. 

Who can use the Stanley/Stella webshop?

The Stanley/Stella webshop is for professionals who operate in the promotional clothing, printing and transformation sector, or any other business activity that involves selling our transformed garments.
Our webshop is not for private individuals.

How can I modify information in my customer account?

Click on ‘My Account’. There you can modify your password and your shipping addresses.
If you want to change your company information, please contact your Inside Sales representative

How can I reset my password?

If you have forgotten your password, click here to reset it. Just fill in your email address and click ‘Submit’. A new password will be automatically generated and sent to you via email.

Where are Stanley/Stella products made?

Just over 99% of our total production comes from Bangladesh – 99.17% in fact – and we’re very proud of this. Our involvement in the textile industry there has contributed not only to the country’s economic prosperity, but also to the social advancement of its workers.
At present, we choose to work with only five partner factories in Bangladesh, and one in China. This focus ensures that we can build supportive, long-term and collaborative relationships with each of our partners.
You can find more information under ‘Sustainability’ on our website.

Are our products certified?

All Stanley/Stella products are certified, and the type of certification depends on the fabric composition. For detailed information, please refer to the "Materials - Certification" section in the "FAQ - Sustainability" page.

Why are some products not GOTS certified?

A textile product carrying the GOTS label grade 'organic' must contain a minimum of 95% certified organic fibres whereas a product with the label grade 'made with organic' must contain a minimum of 70% certified organic fibres.
Some of our products are made from a mix of organic cotton and other environmentally friendly materials (e.g. materials made from pulpwood fibres) where organic cotton makes up less than 70% of the total composition. These products are then certified OCS Blend, e.g. 50% organic cotton/50% Modal® or 50% organic cotton/50% Tencel®.

How should I care for Stanley/Stella products?

All our products comply with textile industry standards and requirements in terms of their physical, and chemical properties, as well as durability and lifespan.
Washing instructions are indicated on the label of each product. Most should be washed at 30°C and line-dried (i.e. not in a tumble drier).
 As well as helping to protect the environment, following these care instructions will help to ensure the longest life possible for the products.

Are our products suitable for printing and embroidery?

All our products are designed to be customised and are ready to be embellished.
Transfer printing, screen printing, digital printing, and embroidery techniques can all be used on most of our products. To ensure the best results, please refer to the printing recommendations we provide on our website for each product.
To maintain the eco-conscious ethos of our products, we ask you to choose techniques that are environmentally friendly.

What labels do our garments have?

All our garments have two labels:
  • Care label: This label is placed in the left inner seam of the garment. It included several sheets indicating garment reference, certification, fabric composition, and washing instructions.
  • Size label: This label is placed inside the back collar, indicating the product size. It is placed off-centre to leave space for a brand label or inside print.
All Stanley/Stella labels are tear-off labels and can be easily removed.

How does Stanley/Stella support sustainable fashion?

Discover everything about Stanley/Stella's commitment to sustainable fashion in the dedicated FAQ - Sustainability page.

What is the dealer network?

Stanley/Stella is inventing a new way of producing and delivering the highest quality finished products by creating the first exclusive network of textile printers in Europe: the Stanley/Stella Official Dealers.

Who are our dealers?

Official Dealers are exclusive Stanley/Stella partners who are committed to a long-term business relationship with us and who share our vision and values. Mainly printers, textile agencies and textile resellers, they have the right to customise and resell our collections to all kinds of final customers.

Why do we have a network of official dealers?

Our Official Dealers know our collections inside out, and can welcome you in an attractive showroom where you can get a real feel for our products. By seeing and touching our products, and trying them on, you’ll better appreciate the quality and finish, and will be able to make a more informed choice. Our Dealers are experts in garment decoration and can offer you a fully finished product, personalised with the technique of your choice. They can also offer other services such as labelling.

How can I become a Stanley/Stella official dealer?

If you are a printer, textile agency or textile reseller and want to be part of our exclusive Stanley/Stella Official Dealer network, please complete this formand an Inside Sales representative will contact you.

Where can I find an official dealer?

Visit our ’Find a dealer’ page for an overview of all our Official Dealers across Europe/UK. More than just business partners, our Official Dealers are also our brand ambassadors. They can guide you and offer services that are customised to your needs, while always respecting our quality standards.