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Our involvement in Fashion Revolution Week 2022: actions to increase living wages

13 April 2022
Stanley/Stella is proud to join the 2022 Fashion Revolution campaign and embrace it with concrete actions. Since the start of our activities in 2012, Stanley/Stella has consistently advocated improving workers' living and working conditions.
Fashion Revolution Week is another opportunity to underline our commitment.

This annual campaign is bringing together the world's fashion activism movement. This year's main goal to collectively reimagine a just and equitable fashion system for people and the planet aligns with Stanley Stella's actions for workers.

Read more about the campaign on the campaign’s official website fashionrevolution.org

Increasing wages in Bangladesh

Governments set up legal minimum wages in the garment industry. However, these minimum wages do not allow families to cover a decent living standard. The Global Living Wages Coalition defines "elements of a decent standard of living include food, water, housing, education, health care, transportation, clothing, and other essential needs, including provision for unexpected events".

While the obvious solution would be significantly increasing wages, achieving that goal is blocked by a long history of strict regulations fueled by brand and government interests. A change would require support from the key players mentioned and the BGMEA garment association.

Our concrete action to improve the living conditions of the garment industry workers in Bangladesh: the Fair Grocery Shop Project

Improving the quality of life of factory workers in Bangladesh remains a priority for Stanley/Stella. Solving this by simply increasing wages is challenging.  

Stanley/Stella's Fair Grocery Shops initiative, launched in 2020, offsets workers' cost of living by offering discounted food. Our investments in three factories provide essentials like rice, lentils, oil, salt, and soap at a 40%+ price reduction to over 10,000 factory workers.

In March, we reached out to Interstoff garment workers in Bangladesh, distributing necessary products to about 5.000 workers. Our Founder and CEO, Jean Chabert, inaugurated a daily food baskets distribution project for all factory workers at Interstoff Apparels Ltd. in Kalikoir, Gazipur (Dhaka, Bangladesh), during his recent visit there (photo).

Interstoff is one of our key partners. Stanley/Stella's goal is to impact factory conditions overall positively.

Of course, we remain committed to the bigger picture of increasing wages nationwide. However, as mentioned, we can't do it alone. At Stanley/Stella, we encourage people to sign the petition raised by "Good Clothes, Fair Pay", a campaign demanding living wage legislation across the garment, textile and footwear sectors. You can sign the petition here: goodclothesfairpay.eu