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Are you interested in Stanley/Stella clothing? If you are a professional in the textile industry , ask now to join our exclusive network of official dealers to access the highest quality and sustainable clothing on the market.   
If you are a school, association or other group  that needs customizable garments, make Stanley/Stella your blank textile supplier. Then you can easily personalize your clothes with our services.   

Textile decorator or reseller ?

Join our exclusive network of official dealers. As a reseller, you are more than a business partner to us: 
you share our commitment to innovation, sustainability, people and excellence.

When combined with your added value and top-notch service, our quality apparel guarantees an ideal partnership! 

Become an official dealer

Retailer or fashion brand?

As a retailer or fashion brand, you have permanent access to our European inventory of more than 15 million pieces as soon as you need them. With no minimum order quantity, you significantly reduce investment and inventory risks. Order only what you need and enjoy fast delivery within 14 days ! 

Make Stanley/Stella your textile supplier

Company, school, club, association...?

Create the high quality, custom decorated apparel your school, club or business needs. As a supplier of blank textiles to be customized, we offer you the possibility to bring your original idea to life. Our qualified network of dealers offers personalized service and helps you choose the best garments and decoration techniques for your needs.

Create your promotional clothing