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Iconics Mid-Light

8 versatile styles in lightweight fabrics, harmonizing with a palette of 30 colors for premium comfort and style.

Premium quality doesn't have to mean heavier fabrics. With our Iconics Mid-Light collection, we're bringing together 8 exceptional styles, all in mid-light weight fabrics.  A complement to our Iconics 2.0 collection, these mid-light styles are perfect for layering, perfect for mid-season or warmer climates, and perfect for all your blank apparel needs.

Versatile styles for every purpose 

Are you creating sustainable corporate wear, promotional items, or merchandising for the music or tourism sectors? Whatever purpose you have in mind, having a choice of fits and fabric weights is crucial.  
Our Iconics Mid-Light collection features 8 key styles that adapt to any occasion. From perfectly proportioned t-shirts like the unisex Crafter and the women's Stella Muser, to unisex wardrobe essentials like the Drummer 2.0 hoodie or the Roller crew neck, you'll find mid-light weight styles to meet your every need. 
Discover our Iconics Mid-Light styles

An uplifting palette

Our Iconics Mid-Light collection offers a wide choice of colours to bring any branding or designs to life. From fresh tones and vibrant on-trend shades, to classic colours and muted neutrals, you'll find the ideal base for any messaging or design.  
The unisex Crafter t-shirt – with the same fit as our Creator 2.0 t-shirt – is available in 30 colours. And you'll find alignment across our mid-light styles, including with the new Stella Serena women's t-shirt. That means it's easier than ever to create harmonious combinations. 
Find your ideal Iconics Mid-Light styles