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Sustainable clothing

Sustainable clothing, proudly made in Bangladesh.

Since day 1, we made a conscious choice to produce our garments in Bangladesh. Today, 99% of our garments are made by the skilled and dedicated factoryworkers of our partners, and we take pride in the positive impact we have on their lives. 


Bangladesh in not only known for having the most skilled workforces and embracing new manufacturing technologies, but it is also one of the few countries that offers a fully integrated value chain when it comes to textile - from spinning yarn and knitting fabric, to final manufacturing.  
This expertise is what allows us to offer premium quality and sustainable clothing. 

Let's hear the people involved in our production chain explain how we create our garments differently:

Anjali, Spinning Operator
Yarn spinning, transforming raw organic cotton fibres into high-quality yarn using a specific combing process before sending it to the knitter. 
Nepal Chandra Roy, knitting operator 
Our organic cotton yarn is knitted into fabric, ready to be dyed. The most common fabric we use is single jersey one, known for its soft hand feel.
Al Manum, dyeing operator 
The knitted fabric is loaded into the dyeing machines and dyed using exclusively GOTS-approved dyes to achieve exactly the right colour. 
Md. Kamrujjaman, Cutter man 
After dyeing and quality checks, the fabric is cut into pieces according to each style's pattern, with most of our cutting waste recycled for our re-range garments. 
Mst. Sabina Akter, sewing supervisor 
The cut fabric is expertly sewn by machine operators using various techniques, resulting in a completed garment. 
Shaibur Rahman, junior quality check 
Once garments are ready for their onward journey, each piece is ironed, quality checked, and packed for shipment, with a packaging made from recycled material. 
Sustainable clothing

A limited number of partners sharing our values and vision.

We believe that finding the right suppliers is about finding partners who share our values and vision. This is why we decide to work with only 9 partner factories in Bangladesh. 

And with the support of our 32 local team members, we can visit them every day, ensuring our values and vision are respected on the field. 

Giving back to local communities.

We feel responsible to create a more equitable, and sustainable fashion industry. One of the ways we drive positive change is by supporting and giving back to the local communities that are part of our ecosystem. 

  • FairWear Foundation Leader Member : We work closely with our partner factories to make sure these are in line with our Fair Wear Foundation membership.
  • Fair-priced Grocery Shops : Since 2020, we support Fair-priced Grocery Shops benefitting almost 38,000 workers by providing food items at almost 50% discount, increasing families' spending power.

Looking for sustainable garments, ready to be decorated?

Purchase and personalise our “Proudly made in Bangladesh” sustainable garments exclusively via our network of Official Dealers.
They can offer you fully finished garments, customised using the technique of your choice.