The true colour of

organic cotton

No dyeing is involved in our Natural Raw, giving it a beautifully pure effect. Textured with tiny specs of the original cotton plant, including seed particles, it shows the true colour and essence of cotton. In all its imperfections, we think Natural Raw is perfect, which is why we’ve made it available in a total of 13 different styles.



We’ve adjusted our production process to offer you the most authentic and sustainable of fabrics. Our Natural Raw is not dyed and goes through a very gentle process at the spinning mill. Which means fewer chemicals, less water and less energy. For a natural colour that is super gentle on the planet. Want to find out more about the story of Stanley/Stella’s cotton?

Get inspired

with Natural Dyeing

The sewing thread of our Natural Raw garment is 100% cotton. Cotton thread absorbs dyed colours easier than polyester sewing thread. Which means more possibilities for you to create and experiment. Whether it’s with Garment Dye, tie dye or dip dye, Natural Raw provides the perfect canvas for your creativity.

Creative Workshop

with Natural Raw

Discover Stanley/Stella’s workshop “Natural Shibori Dye” - Dyeing with Yellow wildflower, Tumeric and Onion skins”. By Wiesi Will