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  • Our involvement in Fashion Revolution Week 2022: actions to increase living wages 13/04/2022
    Stanley/Stella is proud to join the 2022 Fashion Revolution campaign and embrace it with concrete actions. Since the start of our activities in 2012, Stanley/Stella has consistently advocated improving workers' living and working conditions.
    Fashion Revolution Week is another opportunity to underline our commitment.

  • WHO MADE YOUR CLOTHES? 19/04/2021
    As Fashion Revolution Week kicks off again to campaign for a better fashion industry, we’re eager to share our vision for the future and outline the steps we’re taking to improve the industry along the whole supply chain. Making things better for workersfarmers and the environment, we’re setting concrete goals like paying a living wage to all our factory workers by 2025 and ensuring we are climate-neutral by 2030.  
  • World Soil Day: how Stanley/Stella takes biodegradability seriously 13/11/2020
    Today, there is growing concern about the effect of the textile industry on the environment. Not only can the production of fibres and clothes present a threat to ecosystems, but the washing of clothes has proven to lead to the release of millions tons of microplastics every year. Increasingly, textile researchers, producers and manufacturers are looking for biodegradable and compostable sustainable fibres as an effective way of reducing the harmful environmental impact of textiles.
  • The Grocery Shop Project – our way of improving workers' livelihoods 09/11/2020


    Fair remuneration is a subject that comes up a lot in our industry, and we’re often asked why we don’t simply pay workers more. But directly influencing specific wage levels in factories across South East Asia, including Bangladesh, is very challenging. Paying more for our t-shirts, doesn’t automatically mean that additional money goes to factory workers, rather than infrastructure, new machines or to the operating profit of the factory.
  • We are certified : From the field to our network of GOTS certified dealers 23/10/2020
    Plenty of certifications exist in the fashion industry. But as we care about the very highest quality of cotton at Stanley/Stella, we have selected only the very highest certifications concerning organic cotton. 
  • New Sustainability Report Out ! 05/10/2020


    Months in the making, we are extremely excited to share our brand-new Sustainability Report. Read below to find out how we’ve progressed on our path to sustainability and how we’ve gone about transforming our words into concrete actions.
  • AW20 is here! 01/09/2020


    Video: Stanley/Stella new Autumn/Winter 20 Collection is out.
  • Stanley/Stella among world’s leading Sustainable Brands 07/07/2020


    Stanley/Stella has been listed among the top 16 leading brands in sourcing sustainable materials by the Textile Exchange (TE).
  • The Fashion Revolution Week with Stanley/Stella 20/04/2020


    This week, Stanley/Stella and its Dealers are proud to be taking part in Fashion Revolution Week, a global awareness raising campaign calling for greater transparency in the fashion industry.

  • Stanley/Stella commits to upholding orders in Bangladesh during COVID-19 crisis 06/04/2020

    Info Flash

    We have committed to honour all open orders with our five partner factories in Bangladesh during the COVID-19 crisis.
  • COVID-19 update 17/03/2020

    Info Flash

    This is a very difficult time for each and every one of us, both personally and professionally. COVID-19 is here, and it’s an unprecedented situation.
  • Stanley/Stella ranked leader in sustainable materials sourcing 29/01/2020


    Stanley/Stella has been ranked in the top 16 leading brands in the world for sustainable material sourcing by international authority, the Textile Exchange in their Material Change Index, released on 23 January 2020.
  • Water-based inks: will you be part of the change? 27/11/2019


    Many companies share our mission to work in ways that respect people and the environment. This issue we talk with Chris Dart at ASP, one of our official dealers in the UK, about working exclusively with water-based inks and the COUP campaign – Cut Out Using Plastisol.
  • The employee trip of a lifetime: from Belgium to Bangladesh 25/11/2019


    Stanley/Stella has recently introduced an initiative offering every employee the chance to go to Bangladesh to experience the culture and meet with the key partners of the company’s success. We talk to two employees, Veronika and Renaud, who have been on separate Dhaka trips this year. Here they tell us of their impressions.
  • Sustainability from the cotton field to the shop floor 19/06/2019


    Working sustainably is key to Stanley/Stella’s mission and that of many of our partners. Let us introduce you to one of our official dealers, MERCHYOU, who shares our sustainable philosophy and understands the value of GOTS certification.
  • Are you ready for the Essential Collection? 19/06/2019


    The best product for your high volume business – available in January.
  • Autumn/Winter is coming! 19/06/2019


    Video: Sneak peek at the Stanley Stella Autumn/Winter Collection.
  • The Fashion Revolution with Stanley/Stella 24/04/2019

    Info Flash

    Join us in shining a light on the people who make our clothes.
  • Perfect printability to display your creativity 27/03/2019


    We did some like-for-like testing and you don’t need an expert eye to see how nothing else compares to Stanley/Stella.
  • Fashion trends for fall 19 27/03/2019


    Here’s a little preview of the trends you can expect for next season. Spoiler alert; they include Varsity, Leopard, Camo, and Denim.
  • Online stock alert 26/03/2019

    Marketing tool

    Did you know that our online stock alert let’s you know when your favourite styles and sizes come back into stock?
  • The history of the crewneck sweatshirt 26/03/2019


    Since 1913 right up until today, the crewneck sweatshirt continues to an icon that is forever relevant. Make it yours with our Stanley/Stella Sweatshirt Collection.
  • Iconic sweatshirts made to stand the test of time 06/03/2019


    In a world full of trends, we prefer to be iconic
  • Meet our combos 2019, made with love 14/02/2019


    Together we make a great combination
  • True Colours Shining Through! 04/02/2019


    Trendy colours that offer the perfect creative canvas..
  • Meet our 3 new superstars for 2019 16/01/2019


    Get set to fall for the Creator, Changer and the Cruiser.


    The new 2019 collection has landed with 32 new styles and 9 new colours. Watch the video!

  • What a year 2018 has been! 19/12/2018

    Did you know

    Thank you for being part of it - let’s take a little minute to discover it.
  • New 2019 Collection Release is coming soon! 19/12/2018


    Great leaps were made in redesigning and developing the new 2019 collection which we can’t wait to present to you.
  • Meet up at PTE in Milan 19/12/2018


    Like last year, we will exhibit our collection at the promotional textile tradeshow PTE Milan (23 – 25.01.2019)
  • The product sheets, now available. 19/12/2018

    Your marketing tools

    All technical info about our products in one simple snapshot which will enable you and your clients to easily choose the best options for your needs.
  • PETA Certify Stanley/Stella as 100% Vegan 06/12/2018

    Our materials and environmental certifications

    PETA Certify Stanley/Stella as 100% Vegan : for the animals, for the planet, for ourselves.
  • PAS scoops award and showcases Stanley/Stella’s excellent printability. 30/11/2018

    Our award-winning community

    In our business, only one award is worth its weight in gold and that’s the SGIA 2018 Gold Image Awards.
  • Ranked 7th as biggest organic cotton user in the world 29/10/2018

    A step further

    Our word is our bond, so when we told you we were fully committed to using only 100% organic cotton – we meant it!
  • European Dealer Meeting 2018 01/10/2018

    Did you know...

    ...that the 3rd Stanley/Stella European Dealer Meeting took place in Brussels mid-September?

    We all had a really good time and gained a lot of great insights during the New Collection presentation and the workshops. Enjoy watching the video of the event!
  • Designer at Stanley/Stella 01/10/2018


    Tamsin Cook has been Head of Design since our inception and explains why she loves her job: “What I like most about Stanley and Stella is how dynamic it is. Anything is possible here”.
  • ‘Made in Bangladesh’ AND long-lasting? 01/10/2018

    Meet the factories

    “Absolutely!”, replies Bruno, Mr Sustainability! “Bangladesh's image deserves to be revamped which is why our labels state ‘Proudly made in Bangladesh’’.