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True Colours Shining Through!

04 February 2019


Trendy colours that offer the perfect creative canvas..

We do colour and, right now, it’s all about the flashy colours that surprise and support your collection and communication. The SS19 colour palette clashes and compliments; pinks, oranges and greens come together for her, for him, for everyone. No tone is selected in isolation so the wearer can combine and express their personality. Of course, against this pop of colour, there are desert neutrals and the reintroduction of the favourite denim washes.

We’ve looked to bold colours that stand out to make a statement in different contexts, whether it’s in the city or the suburbs. Our inspiration are all of nature’s weirdest wonders including chameleons and reptiles, who have an incredible ability to adopt their colour from their environment. Trend aware but commercial,  each colour is carefully selected for its potential to offer a creative canvas.
Enjoy !