Ethical sustainable textiles designed for SS23

Urban Reclamation

Created to bring people together, you'll find our latest line-up of sustainable textiles attracts a wide range of individuals - like an outdoor swimming pool. While staying true to Stanley/Stella's core values, we've added a few surprises worth taking a second glance.

Adding fresh faded earth tones and positive bold colours, the SS23 collection embodies urban landscapes revitalised by nature. Our latest pieces breathe new life into classic cuts while utilising environmentally-friendly techniques. This process is inspired by green space reclamation in cities.

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Shining Sustainable Textiles

With the Archer hoodie and Matcher crew neck lightweight 300 GSM medium fit sweatshirts, the Sunset Edition introduces new versatile classics. Complementing this range are bright, breezy colours like Go Green, ready for SS23. In addition, we've included timeless favourites - Black, French Navy, Whites, and Heather Grey.

All Sunset Edition items come with improved premium finishing, and are meant for layering. Including mid-season shirts and shorts, they're built for wearing all day long.

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Worn-In Look

Building on the Sunset Edition, our Vintage Vibes add the Archer Vintage and Matcher Vintage sweatshirts. This range gives a worn-out look while retaining top durability. With Vintage Vibes, we've added five garment dyed colours including G. Dyed Black Rock, G. Dyed Hydro, and G. Dyed Swimmer Blue. All these options were formulated with consistent dyeing and optimal printing in mind. They serve as the perfect backdrop for your custom designs.

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