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Vintage made with environmentally friendly fabrics

Sometimes looks are deceiving. With a worn-in aesthetic, our Vintage range utilises the latest environmentally-friendly fabrics. You’ll find 100% organic ring-spun combed cotton throughout our Vintage clothing. Providing a lightweight feel for all-season styling, there’s the 300 GSM Archer Vintage hoodie and Matcher Vintage crew neck sweatshirts.

In addition, the Vintage range includes the Creator Vintage 155 GSM t-shirt and Mover Vintage 300 GSM jogger pants. Like most items offered by Stanley/Stella, all vintage pieces are unisex and fit a wide range of individuals. Referencing the season’s Zurich “badi” culture, there’s inviting, chill hues - specifically for this range.

Add Vintage items to your showroom.

Never fade

Whether choosing the Archer, Matcher, Creator, or Mover Vintage, these garment dyed items won't miss a beat. Our unique dyeing technique holds up against the elements. No matter what custom designs are added, these pieces won’t fade. They make great yearlong additions to your inventory.

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Washed out colours

Speaking of decorating, there's a wide range of swatches for SS23. You can add G. Dyed Black Rock, Gold Ochre, Khaki, Hydro, and Swimmer Blue to the Archer, Matcher, Creator, and Mover. We use a special process to create a uniform, vintage look that doesn’t interfere with customisation. These washed-out colours create the perfect contrast for most decorating.

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Classic cuts on environmentally friendly fabrics

Throughout the Vintage range, you'll find modern silhouettes with a premium finish. The Creator and Matcher come with a timeless crew neck. With the Archer hoodie, there’s a flat, well-integrated kangaroo pocket, leaving crisp, clean lines. Completing the look, the Mover jogger pants come in a comfortable medium fit.

The Vintage collection provides harmony between nostalgia and modern techniques. It stays true to its name and what Stanley/Stella represents.

Inspire your most trendy, eco-friendly customers with this SS23 range.

Discover our Vintage collection