We are certified : From the field to our network of GOTS certified dealers

23 October 2020
Plenty of certifications exist in the fashion industry. But as we care about the very highest quality of cotton at Stanley/Stella, we have selected only the very highest certifications concerning organic cotton. 

We therefore work with The Organic Content Standard (OCS) and The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). What is more, in order to guarantee a fully organic product to our end customer, we encourage our Dealers to implement GOTS Certified printing techniques. This means using non-harmful inks and sustainable production methods. All to guarantee that our finalised, decorated garments are 100% fully sustainable. As working sustainably is key to our mission, we encourage all our Dealers to use GOTS Certified printing techniques.” says Céline Dufour, Sustainability Decoration Manager.

GOTS: the best certification

From day one, we have chosen to work sustainably using only 100% GOTS certified organic cotton in our range of t-shirts and sweatshirts. It is a stringent certification that guarantees cotton is organically grown without the use of genetically modified seeds or any harmful chemical products. It ensures traceability of products from the field to the final customer, including transaction certificates at each and every stage of production.

  • We have chosen to work with GOTS because it is the most respected and rigorous certification. Crucially, it covers not only raw materials and production but also labour rights, the health and wellbeing of everyone in the supply chain, water treatment and chemical use. [1]
“With GOTS certified Stanley/Stella clothing, we protect the environment, we protect those who work to produce it and we protect those who wear it.” - Mauro Quetti of Qcinque, a Stanley/Stella dealer on his way to becoming GOTS certified in printing.
  •  We are also certified by OCS for our range of products containing less than 70% organic cotton. The certification is less extensive  than GOTS but tracks the flow of the raw material from its source to the final product. All Stanley/Stella woven, Tencel®, modal® and Sherpa-lined garments are currently OCS certified.

  • Right from the outset, we made a decision not to be part of the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI). This is because it does not guarantee that cotton is organically grown, without the use of genetically modified seeds or harmful chemical products. And of course, certified organic cotton is the most important criteria for our products.

Our ambition is to build the first GOTS certified network

Harmful chemicals such as Methanal, Plastisol ink, Polyvinyl and even Phthalates are frequently used in printing. Polyvinyl chloride is the world's third-most widely produced synthetic plastic polymer, and is also a major component in the ink widely used in the T-shirt printing industry.

We at Stanley/Stella believe that we can all commit to making a change and provide a product that is kinder to the environment and softer to wear. Of course, end-users also need to be made aware of what goes into their clothes and demand better - for themselves and the planet. [2]

Meet SHIRTIGO, an Official Dealer who will become GOTS Certified  

Tim Schneider (CMO & Co-Founder; left) and Tobias Pook (CTO; right)

We notice that our customers are increasingly asking for the GOTS seal. Society is rethinking and the need for ethically and responsibly manufactured products is growing. For many consumers this aspect is increasingly becoming a purchase criterion, also in the fashion industry.” Explains Tim Schneider (CMO & Co-founder of Shirtigo).
“ The GOTS certificate enables us to promote these issues to the outside world and to prove beyond doubt that our organic products are produced sustainably and fairly. Customers of our print-on-demand and dropshipping platform cockpit.shirtigo.de can thus expand their range of products with sustainable products and offer them for sale with a clear conscience. In the same way, they and their end customers also contribute to more ecological responsibility”.

We are continuously working to improve our environmental impact and deepen our social commitments. But we can’t do it alone. We’d love you to join us! 

You’re a Dealer interested in finding out more about GOTS certification? Get in touch

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