What's changed in our collection?

This Autumn Winter 2019, we offer you 26 new styles. We have reworked some of our Iconic & Core styles such as Stella Expresser which replaces Stella Wants. We are also introducing some new capsule styles including shorter boxy sweatshirts, a new hoodie dress and headwear.

To help you to easily understand this new collection, you can download The AW19 Collection Plan,  a 3-part document to support you in building your offer and your collection.



This is the New AW19 Collection Plan, with the new styles organized by range and gender:


  indicates the brand new styles that are introduced in AW19


  indicates the styles that existed before and have been reworked in AW19

  indicates the styles that are Iconic thanks to their premium fabrics and detail, and will stay in our collection for 5 years
  indicates the styles that are Core and will stay in our collection for 3 years
  indicates the styles that are Seasonal (Capsule) and are available for this season only
  indicates the styles that are Essential: the best products on the market for your high volume business that will stay 5 years.

Here is an example:


The second part is the Ending styles/AW19 Equivalent Products. The ending styles are on the left side, with the AW19 styles replacing them on the right. If the space on the right is greyed out, it means that the style is not replaced in AW19.

Here is an example:


The third part is the full AW19 collection plan by product category and gender:

NEW indicates both new and reworked AW19 styles.
STANLEY stands for Men, STELLA for Women, and style names without Stanley or Stella stand for Unisex.
A size range followed by an asterisk (*) means that the size is available in a limited number of colours.

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Chargement en cours