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note that the only valid version of the General Terms and Conditions is the one in French. The version below is an English translation made available merely for your convenience, with no legally binding terms. In case of doubt on any terms of the translation, the French version will prevail in interpreting them correctly.  


1.1 Stanley and Stella SA, with registered offices at Delta Building, Rue Jules Cockx 8-10, floors 3-4, B-1160 Auderghem, Belgium, VAT Registration BE0810580894 (hereinafter: “ STANLEY/STELLA”), distributes blank textile Products through various distribution channels, among others, the STANLEY/STELLA B2B Webshop (hereinafter: “ Webshop”), electronic data interchange and customer care. 

1.2 STANLEY/STELLA’s B2B General Terms and Conditions of Sale (hereinafter: “Terms and Conditions ”) are applicable to all persons and/or entities that have a VAT registration number and who personalize, distribute, commercialize and/or sell STANLEY/STELLA’s Products (hereinafter: the “ Partner” or “Partners”)(hereinafter: the “Products ”). The Webshop is intended exclusively for Partners, to the exclusion of private individuals.  

Legal entities registered in Belgium that want to place an order via the Webshop must have an RPM/RPR number (Register of Legal Entities, equivalent to the VAT registration number) to access the Webshop.  

Legal entities registered in foreign countries other than Belgium, must indicate their foreign registration number/VAT registration number applicable in their country of origin. For the persons/entities established within the European Union that do not have a registration number/VAT registration number applicable in their country of origin, local VAT from the European country of delivery of the goods shall be applied  

1.3 STANLEY/STELLA reserves the right not to sell its Products to any person or entity, in order to build a select network of Partners. STANLEY/STELLA maintains a say over the opening of any new account as well as over the closure of existing accounts by means of a statutory notice period that varies depending on the country.  

1.4 The Terms and Conditions govern all B2B sales of the Products by STANLEY/STELLA. Placing an order online, on the Webshop, or by any other means (EDI, offline order, etc.) implies the Partner’s complete and unreserved acceptance of and compliance with the General Terms and Conditions.  

1.5 STANLEY/STELLA reserves the right to amend the Terms and Conditions. These amendments shall apply to any future order. The latest version of the Terms and Conditions is always available online on the website of STANLEY/STELLA.  

1.6 In order to be binding to STANLEY/STELLA, all terms other than the Terms and Conditions, as well as any derogations from the Terms and Conditions, even if they are issued by representatives of STANLEY/STELLA, must be expressly confirmed by STANLEY/STELLA.  

1.7 If one of the provisions of the Terms and Conditions and/or another contract between the parties should become totally or partially invalid, the remaining provisions remain entirely valid. In such cases, the parties undertake to establish, in the place of the provision that has become invalid, a new regulation that is as close as possible to the objective of the provision that has become invalid.  


2.1 In order to access the Webshop, the potential partner (hereinafter: “Potential Partner ”) must request access to STANLEY/STELLA via an e-mail sent to the address customercare@stanleystella.com or by telephone on the local number: +32 663 33 00 (see list of other European telephone numbers in the “Contact” section of the Webshop). The Potential Partner can also fill in a contact form on the Webshop under the “contact” tab. On this occasion, the Potential Partner undertakes to provide accurate information and to keep it updated. The Terms and Conditions also apply to Potential Partners.  

2.2 Registration on the Webshop is only valid if the Potential Partner receives a confirmation e-mail from STANLEY/STELLA informing him that his application for access has been accepted. The Potential Partner shall receive a link beforehand enabling him to register online. On this form, he can choose his own login codes to the Webshop. STANLEY/STELLA reserves the right to refuse registration giving access to the Webshop to a Potential Partner and is not required to communicate the reasons for the refusal.  

2.3 The Partner must take all reasonable steps to avoid the unlawful use of his login codes. The Partner undertakes to ensure that anyone he authorizes to use his login codes complies with the Terms and Conditions. The Partner is liable for any damage resulting from the use of his login codes or from the use thereof by an unauthorized person. STANLEY/STELLA does not accept any liability in the event of the misuse of login codes.   

2.4 If the Partner wants to have multiple login codes for other internal employees, he must explicitly request this from his contact person at STANLEY/STELLA.  


3.1 The Products offered for sale by STANLEY/STELLA are those shown in the Webshop, subject to stock availability. STANLEY/STELLA does its best to indicate real-time Product availability on its Website but cannot be held liable if a Product ordered by the Partner is no longer available.  

3.2 The Partner can also order Products that are out of stock, but which are scheduled to be back in stock on the date indicated on the Webshop. This date is directional only, and is therefore not contractual, and STANLEY/STELLA cannot be held liable for delays in delivery.  

3.3 Once the Partner has validated his order on the Webshop, an acknowledgement of receipt is automatically sent to him. If the Partner does not receive an acknowledgement of receipt, this means that STANLEY/STELLA has not received the order. In this specific case, it is strongly recommended to contact the local Customer Service Department on +32 2 633 33 00 (see list of other European telephone numbers in the “Contact” section of the Webshop) or by e-mail at customercare@stanleystella.com. Once the order is confirmed, the Partner shall receive an order confirmation. The order is only final once the Partner receives the order confirmation from STANLEY/STELLA by e-mail.  

3.4 The order confirmation specifies, in particular: 
  • a.The price that applies to the quantities ordered; 
  • b.The description of the Products ordered; 
  • c.The delivery date, purely as a guide; 
  • d.The delivery fees (if applicable); 
  • e.The delivery date of the outstanding Products, purely as a guide; 
  • f.The payment terms. 

3.5 Once STANLEY/STELLA has e-mailed the order confirmation to the Partner, no further amendment to the Products ordered can be requested. If, exceptionally, STANLEY/STELLA should agree to such an amendment after sending the order confirmation, a new order - cancelling the previous one - shall need to be placed by the Partner. STANLEY/STELLA shall be entitled to claim reimbursement from the Partner for the expenses incurred as a result of the cancellation of the original order, amounting to 20% of the order total. STANLEY/STELLA reserves the right to refuse or cancel any order or delivery in the event of:   

  • a.Total or partial non-payment by the Partner of a previous order (even if the new order is paid for by credit card or bank transfer);  
  • b.Dispute between the Partner and STANLEY/STELLA;  
  • c.Refusal of the credit card payment by the banking institutions. In this event, STANLEY/STELLA cannot under any circumstance be held liable. 

3.6 STANLEY/STELLA reserves the right to refuse an order if the information provided by the Partner turns out to be inaccurate, incomplete or out of date. STANLEY/STELLA is not required to inform the Partner of the reasons for this refusal. Moreover, STANLEY/STELLA cannot be held liable for the consequences of the Partner providing incorrect information. STANLEY/STELLA must be notified immediately by e-mail of any change relating to the VAT registration number at the address customercare@stanleystella.com. The Partner shall be able to place an order once he has been notified that the data have been updated.  

3.7 The Products offered for sale by STANLEY/STELLA are exclusively blank Products, and each Partner who buys STANLEY/STELLA Products is required to alter them using his choice of decoration technique (digital printing, screen printing, embroidery, transfer,  etc.) before he can resell them. This therefore explicitly means - with absolutely no exception - that Partners are not permitted to sell blank STANLEY/STELLA Products (not decorated or not personalized). STANLEY/STELLA reserves the right to immediately stop working with a Partner that does not comply with the principle mentioned.  

3.8 Partners that buy STANLEY/STELLA Products in order to sell their own brand and Partners such as textile printers, agencies or other retails of promotional Products that use STANLEY/STELLA Products in connection with a promotional campaign are not required to remove the label featuring the STANLEY/STELLA brand name inside the Product.  

3.9 STANLEY/STELLA is entitled to cancel the order by notifying the Partner by e-mail, if the Partner fails to pay the amount that he owes. For prepayment Partners using bank transfer as their payment method, STANLEY/STELLA is entitled to cancel the order if the payment has not been made within five calendar days of the order date.  

3.10 If the Partner asks to cancel the order when it has already been picked by the warehouse, STANLEY/STELLA is entitled to claim payment of 20% of the order total, which corresponds to restocking fees.  


4.1 The characteristics of the Products to be delivered are as referred to in the order confirmation. 

4.2 After having informed the Partner, STANLEY/STELLA shall be entitled to alter slightly the characteristics of the Products to be delivered if, for reasons outside of its control, such as discontinuation of supply by the manufacturer in particular, it should become impossible to supply exactly what was ordered.  

4.3 The quality standards applied to the Products available on the  Webshop comply with the international quality standards for garment Production accepted by STANLEY/STELLA.  

  1. PRICES 
5.1 The applicable sales prices are as shown on the Webshop as well as in the official price list sent by e-mail when the account was created or when the price was subsequently changed. Unless stated otherwise, Product prices are indicated in EUR or GBP (for Partners resident in the United Kingdom only), excluding VAT and excluding delivery fees, which shall be indicated and invoiced to the Partner at the time of payment. In the event of a price change, the Partner should take into account the most recent list sent by e-mail by STANLEY/STELLA and shown on the Webshop.  

5.2 STANLEY/STELLA will notify, as far as possible, the Partners of any price change by striving to respect a reasonable period between this notification and the effective price increase. This notification shall also include the new price list. If, due to an error, the Partner has not received this notification or has not forwarded it internally and notices a price change on the Webshop, the Partner shall immediately inform STANLEY/STELLA before placing a new order.  

5.3 If, due to an error, no price should be displayed on the Webshop or on the order confirmation, the Partner shall inform STANLEY/STELLA immediately so that this error can be rectified. Under no circumstances shall the Partner be entitled to receive free of charge the Products for which no price was indicated on the Webshop or on the order confirmation.  

5.4 The prices indicated on the website are guaranteed subject to stock availability, subject to significant changes in charges and subject to typos or omissions.   

6.1 The Products are delivered to the delivery address indicated by the Partner at the time of ordering. 

6.2 The delivery dates are given purely as a guide. A delay in delivery (even for an express delivery) can never give rise to any fines or compensation whatsoever from STANLEY/STELLA nor justify the cancellation of the order.  

6.3 STANLEY/STELLA has the right to refuse one or more deliveries, even of new orders, if the Partner does not comply with any of his obligations towards STANLEY/STELLA (for example, obligation to pay, obligation to personalise each Product purchased,  etc.), regardless of the reasons. 

6.4 The transportation costs payable by the Partners are specified in the order confirmation. If a Partner requests a delivery method not shown among the ordinary delivery methods available on the Webshop (for example, express delivery), he shall be invoiced separately for the additional costs. If a Partner has already paid for an ordinary delivery method, he shall be invoiced for the difference between the extraordinary and ordinary delivery charges. In some specific delivery zones, the delivery charges shall always be calculated based on the order and shall be e-mailed to the Partner for approval prior to dispatch. This includes deliveries outside Europe and to certain islands within Europe.  

6.5 If the Partner orders Products to be delivered to a country other than Belgium, the Partner is deemed to be the approved importer and, in this respect, must comply with the laws and regulations in force in the country in which the goods are received. The Partner may be subject to import duties or taxes when the goods arrive in the country. All these additional customs clearance fees, if applicable, are payable by the Partner.  

6.6 STANLEY/STELLA shall not be held liable if the Partner encounters any customs issue whatsoever when exporting STANLEY/STELLA Products to a country located outside the European Union for which STANLEY/STELLA is not able to provide the required documents (Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Africa, etc.).  

7.1 STANLEY/STELLA retains ownership of the Products until the invoice has effectively been paid in full (not just payment for the Products, but also for other fees invoiced such as delivery, default interest, etc…).  

7.2 In the event of non-payment by the Partner of the invoices within the contractual timeframe, without prejudice to its other rights pursuant to the contract or the law, STANLEY/STELLA may demand that the Partner be returned at the Partner’s expense and risk.  

7.3 The Partner is liable for an indemnity for lost value set at 12% of the price of the Products for each month they are held on the time period between delivery and return. This indemnity may be offset against any down payments made.  

7.4 Without prejudice to what is stipulated above, the Partner shall grant to STANLEY/STELLA any right to collect, on their behalf, open invoices from their Partner on the Products not paid to STANLEY/STELLA. To enable the implementation of this assignment through notification to the assigned debtor, the Partner authorizes STANLEY/STELLA to peruse its accounting books, invoice registers, order books and other relevant administrative, financial and accounting documents.  

8.1 The risks are transferred to the Partner on the day on which the Partner are placed at his disposal, whether or not he takes delivery.  

9.1 The Partner is required to check the compliance of the Products delivered as soon as they are received. If the Partner observes that the packaging containing the Products is damaged, he can refuse to accept it and ask for the parcel to be returned to STANLEY/STELLA. The Partner shall be required to notify the Partner service department of the damage as soon as possible.  

9.2 Any complaint about the invoice must be made by e-mail within eight calendar days of the invoicing date. Otherwise, the invoice shall be considered to have been accepted. A complaint cannot under any circumstance be relied upon to delay the payment of the invoice.  

9.3 In the event of a non-compliance or hidden defect, the Partner must send STANLEY/STELLA a complaint by e-mail, stipulating the nature of and reasons for this complaint. Slight differences in size, shade, colour and execution do not constitute a non-compliance. Any quality complaint shall be analysed by the quality department of STANLEY/STELLA, which shall determine whether there is a defect. Any defect observed by the Partner (mark, difference in size, colours,  etc.) must be notified before the Product is altered. STANLEY/STELLA shall not accept the complaint following decoration (printing, embroidery,  etc. ).  

Complaints must reach STANLEY/STELLA by e-mail within a period of 28 calendar days from the Partner or a third-party taking possession of the Products. Once this period has elapsed, the Partner or aforementioned third-party is considered to have accepted the Products, and any complaint other than those relating to hidden defects shall be rejected.  

9.4 Any request to return Products must reach STANLEY/STELLA by e-mail within a period of 28 calendar days from the Partner or a third-party taking possession of the goods. Once this period has elapsed, the Partner or aforementioned third-party is considered to have accepted the Products. The Partner shall send a written return request outlining the nature and reasons for this request and wait to receive written agreement from STANLEY/STELLA regarding this, if applicable. Written agreement from STANLEY/STELLA shall be given without prejudice and without any prejudicial recognition.  

9.5 In the event of agreement, STANLEY/STELLA shall open a return file. The Partner shall receive a return number as well as a label on which the return address is written. The Partner shall enclose the return authorization and affix the label provided by STANLEY/STELLA onto the box to be sent back. Responsibility for sending the Products with the carrier of his choosing is incumbent on the Partner. Any return sent to an address other than the one indicated by STANLEY/STELLA shall be refused. Returns must be made within 15 calendar days of the return file being opened by STANLEY/STELLA. Parcels containing no element identifying the sender (return number, order number, Partner’s name, address, etc.) shall be refused. STANLEY/STELLA shall never accept the costs of a return organized by the Partner without its prior written agreement.  

9.6 The Products must be returned to STANLEY/STELLA in their original packaging and in the condition in which the Partner received them, along with all of the elements delivered (accessories, packaging, etc.). Products cannot be accepted if they are returned in any packaging other than the original packaging or in damaged original packaging. Products altered by the Partner (embroidered, screen printed, etc.) or by a third-party can never be returned. Returned Products that have been refused by STANLEY/STELLA shall be held at the disposal of the Partner, who is required to collect them from the address notified to him and to pay for them if he has not yet done so. In the event of a non-compliance or defect duly observed by STANLEY/STELLA, the Partner can obtain a replacement, or a credit note which the Partner can deduct from his next purchase or reimbursement for the Products, as the Partner so chooses, excluding any compensation or damages.  

9.7 In the event of the authorized return of compliant Products, i.e. Products that are compliant and without a visible or hidden defect, the Partner can obtain reimbursement for them. In this event, STANLEY/STELLA reserves the right to retain twenty percent (20%) of the invoiced value excluding VAT of the compliant Products returned, subject to a minimum of EUR 15 per return file.  

9.8 In the event of abnormal or unjustified returns, STANLEY/STELLA reserves the right to refuse this return as well as any subsequent order.  


10.1 STANLEY/STELLA does its best to deliver consistent quality Products. Differences in size, shade, colour and execution shall be expressly tolerated, given the nature and composition of the Products. If STANLEY/STELLA acknowledges that one of its Products is defective, it shall be replaced with a similar Product of the same value. If replacement proves impossible, STANLEY/STELLA shall credit the defective Product as soon as possible. Under no circumstance shall the liability of STANLEY/STELLA go beyond replacement/reimbursement. STANLEY/STELLA shall not be held liable for compensation for any loss or direct or indirect damage whatsoever.  

10.2 The photos and text illustrating and describing the Products featured on the Webshop are provided for information purposes and are not contractual. They are used exclusively to promote the STANLEY/STELLA brand, and no other use is permitted. STANLEY/STELLA does not assume any liability for errors or omissions in the photos or text featured on the Webshop.  

10.3 The Partner releases STANLEY/STELLA from any liability and waives any right to compensation or damages against STANLEY/STELLA which might result from the services of STANLEY/STELLA - or in relation thereto - or from the temporary non-availability of its Webshop, except in the event of loss or damage caused intentionally by STANLEY/STELLA or as a consequence of gross negligence on the latter’s part.  

10.4 Most Products are certified (GOTS, OCS 100, OCS Blended, Oeko Tex). However, these Products shall no longer be considered as certified after decoration, unless our Partners are themselves certified by these bodies. Consequently, only certified partners can use the logos of the certifications on their website, and they shall also be required to remove the labels featuring these logos inside the Products. STANLEY/STELLA does not accept any liability in the event of an issue between the relevant body and the Partner.  

11.1 Purchases on the Webshop can exclusively be paid for using a credit card, by bank transfer, direct debit or any other payment method available on the Webshop.  

11.2 Unless otherwise stated on the invoice, invoices are payable on cash terms, without discount, as soon as the order is accepted.  

Payment by credit card 

11.3 In the event of payment by credit card, the entire balance (including delivery costs) must be paid at the time of ordering. Please note that the credit card will be charged immediately at the time of the transaction.  

11.4 Credit card payments are made via the Internet Payment Service Provider Ingenico secure system. Payment by credit card is subject to the approval of the financial institution that issued the card. STANLEY/STELLA does not accept any liability in the event that the financial institution should refuse the payment for any reason whatsoever or regarding any additional charges due to bank charges.  

Payment via STANLEY/STELLA - On account 

11.5 Payment via the “on account” option may be used, either for Partners with cash in advance payment terms or, for Partners with a credit limit who are authorized to make a deferred payment (payment on the invoice due date). Any credit limit request must be made exclusively by e-mail sent to STANLEY/STELLA, who can refuse to grant a credit limit and is not required to inform the Partner of the reasons for its refusal.  

11.6 If payment is made via the “on account” payment method, the payment must be made according to the payment terms agreed with the Partner and featured on the invoice (or proforma invoice) sent to him. If the payment terms stipulate “prepaid”, the payment must be made via bank transfer to the bank account of STANLEY/STELLA. Delivery will take place after the payment has been received. If the payment terms is with a credit limit, the payment must be made before the invoice due date.  

11.7 If a credit limit is granted, the total amount of outstanding invoices cannot exceed the credit limit set between the parties. Once this limit has been reached, the Partner shall see this on the Webshop, and he/she shall receive an e-mail from STANLEY/STELLA asking him to settle by bank transfer the amount in excess of the credit limit granted to him. Under no circumstance can the order be delivered if the Partner does not pay the amount due.  


12.1 In the event of late payment in relation to the payment terms on the invoice, in accordance with the Law of 8 August 2002 on late payments in commercial transactions, the Partner is liable automatically, and without prior notice, for late-payment interest at the rate of 12% of the total amount on the invoice and this from the invoice due date. This amount shall subsequently be increased by a fixed penalty of 10% of the total amount on the invoice, subject to a minimum of EUR 100 for administrative fees.  

12.2 Non-payment of one due invoice shall automatically render all invoices, due or undue, payable immediately. STANLEY/STELLA shall have the right to demand payment guarantees at any time. If it has not received the requested guarantees, STANLEY/STELLA shall be entitled to delay the delivery of the open orders or cancel them. All of the direct or indirect costs related to non-compliance with the payment period, for example additional delivery costs, shall be payable by the Partner.  


13.1 Force majeure is any event outside the reasonable control of STANLEY/STELLA that affects the performance of its commitments, including, without being limited to, natural disasters, riots, war and military operations, national or local emergency situations, acts or negligence by the public authorities, economic disputes of any kind whatsoever, actions by workers, fires, floods, lightning, explosions, collapses as well as any act or negligence by an individual or entity outside the reasonable control of STANLEY/STELLA, notably its third-party suppliers.  

13.2 In the event of force majeure, the delivery period for the Products shall be extended by a period corresponding to the period during which STANLEY/STELLA is prevented from satisfying its obligations due to the force majeure.  

13.3 If the delivery period for the Products is delayed by more than six weeks due to a force majeure event, both STANLEY/STELLA and the Partner have the option to cancel all or part of the order without the Partner being entitled to claim any compensation whatsoever. STANLEY/STELLA nevertheless has the right to be compensated for the costs incurred.  

13.4 In the event of the occurrence of unforeseen circumstances during the execution of the order, STANLEY/STELLA may request that the deadline be extended and/or that the order be revised, including the prices set, if said circumstances make all or part of the order more difficult and/or more costly to execute. If applicable, the parties shall come together in good faith to discuss the adjustments to be made to the order in order for it to remain advantageous for both parties.  


14.1 If a Partner has made an error with his order, he can request in writing to return the Products. The returns procedure is described in article 9 Complaints/returns of the Terms and Conditions. In fact, these same return conditions mentioned in article 9 shall apply if the Partner has made an error. Any request to return goods must reach STANLEY/STELLA within a maximum period of 28 calendar days from either the Partner or a third-party taking possession of the Products. Once this period has elapsed, the Partner is considered to have accepted the Products, and STANLEY/STELLA can no longer be held liable for the error.  

14.2 An ordering error cannot under any circumstance be relied upon to delay the payment of the invoice. A Product return shall only be accepted and approved following prior written request and written agreement from STANLEY/STELLA mentioning the address to which the Products should be returned. The costs of return shall be payable by the Partner.  

14.3 The Products must be returned to STANLEY/STELLA in the condition in which the Partner received them, along with all the elements delivered (accessories, packaging, etc.). Returned Products which are deemed unable to be accepted for return by STANLEY/STELLA are held at the disposal of the Partner for a maximum of 4 weeks. The Partner is required to collect them from the address notified to him and to pay for them. In the event of abnormal or unjustified returns, STANLEY/STELLA reserves the right to refuse this return as well as any subsequent order.  

14.4 Products altered by the Partner or a third-party can never be returned. Neither can the Products be taken back where there is no element identifying the sender (return number, order number, Partner’s name, address).  

14.5 Returns must be sent to the address indicated by STANLEY/STELLA in its prior written agreement and must include a copy of the delivery note and the invoice. Products shall be taken back by STANLEY/STELLA at 80% of the amount invoiced by STANLEY/STELLA, provided the Partner has complied with Articles 14.1 to 14.4 of the Terms and Conditions.  

14.6 Complaints as a result of a picking error must reach STANLEY/STELLA within a maximum period of two calendar days from either the Partner or a third-party taking possession of the goods. Once this period has elapsed, the Partner is considered to have accepted the Products, and STANLEY/STELLA can no longer be held liable for the error. In the event of an order picking error, STANLEY/STELLA shall arrange for the goods to be returned at its expense.  


15.1 By sending written notification to the Partner, STANLEY/STELLA is entitled to cancel the order if the Partner fails to pay the amount he owes within the timeframe given. For prepayment Partners using bank transfer as their payment method, STANLEY/STELLA is entitled to cancel the order if the payment has not been made within five calendar days of the order date.  


16.1 The intellectual property of STANLEY/STELLA includes, but is not limited to, copyright, trademarks, image rights, trade names, licenses, models, trade secrets, processes, software, formulas, ideas, concepts and developments (hereinafter: “Intellectual Property”).  

16.2 The client accepts and guarantees compliance with Stanley/Stella’s Intellectual Property and Image Rights Policy (hereinafter: “IP and Image Rights Policy”). The IP and Image Rights Policy can be found under the following link:  IP Policy. 


17.1 The Products offered on the  Webshop are sold via the digital platform processes. As a result, the Partner agrees to STANLEY/STELLA communicating with him electronically. STANLEY/STELLA is authorized to send the Partner electronic messages and other notifications about his order through the internet. To the extent permitted by the law, the Partner agrees that the above replaces any legislation imposing other methods or timings for receiving notifications relating to his order.  STANLEY/STELLA is authorized to send messages through other methods (e.g. by regular mail) and also to receive notifications in writing if this method is expressly specified by the parties, by way of derogation from the Terms and Conditions. To the extent permitted by the law, the Partner undertakes, in the event of a dispute, not to dispute the validity of any order, information, notification or message sent electronically between the parties in connection with the Terms and Conditions and the contracts to which they apply.  


18.1 The Terms and Conditions and the contracts to which they apply are exclusively subject to Belgian law. 

18.2 The courts and tribunals of Brussels have exclusive jurisdiction over any dispute between the parties with regard to the Terms and Conditions and with regard to the contracts to which they apply. However, STANLEY/STELLA reserves the right to appear before another competent tribunal if it considers this to be appropriate.  


19.1 If you require any information or have a question, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service department: 

Tel.: +32 2 663 33 00, +49 (89) 20 19 03 29, +44 20 37 69 17 8, +34 91 060 23 69, +33 (0)1 81 22 12 81, +31 (0)77 3 690 530 (9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday to Friday except on bank holidays in Belgium)  
Stanley and Stella S.A. 
Delta Building 
Rue Jules Cockx 8-10 | floors 3-4
B-1160 Auderghem 
Appendix 3 

19.2 STANLEY/STELLA has put the greatest care into developing its Webshop. However, neither STANLEY/STELLA nor its employees, managers or staff may be held liable for any direct or indirect damage arising from accessing and/or using this site, including 
sending e-mails.