Remaining simple is perhaps the most difficult thing of all.

Jean Chabert, founder of Stanley/Stella

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We are creative challengers. Our passion: reinventing the standards of the fashion industry. We wish to create a positive, innovative and sustainable experience with everyone around us.







we love it!


At Stanley/Stella, we cultivate originality and organic materials in order to make our apparel ever more beautiful, softer and super comfortable to wear. From the choice of fabrics to our cuts, through the way our items are assembled, sewn, dyed, printed… quality lies in the tiniest details. Enough to make our Stanley/Stella basics as irresistible as they are resistant, even after many years and washes. Our garments last, and here’s why: they’re solid!



Let’s be authentic

Materials & certifications

In terms of materials, we mainly use natural fibres. We favour organic fabrics that care for your skin and for the environment. And since the planet is no laughing matter, we have obtained the strictest environmental certifications and labels on the market for our entire production chain.

Materials & certifications



Responsible production

Are we talking about ethics and sustainable development? Yes, a bit! First, because we love to talk and secondly because it’s an inexhaustible subject. Unlike the resources of our planet or human beings. And that is why we work exclusively with exemplary factories that protect rights of the men and women they employ and do their utmost to minimize their environmental footprint. Respect!

Responsible production