We are a lifestyle brand

We live for positive, seamless experiences, and collaborate with people that share our values

At Stanley/Stella, we create basics that are anything but. We are leaders in producing sustainable clothing. And want the rest of the industry to follow. We are problem solvers, not deal makers. Simply put, we are eco-minimalists that want better clothes.

Quality people, quality products

That’s our big secret

Comfort extends beyond how clothes feel when we wear them. We need to be comfortable with how and where they’re made.

We work with quality people in order to make quality products. That’s our big secret. From the cotton we source, to the factories we trust, we are picky and demanding. Our entire production chain complies with strict, forward thinking ecological and ethical standards.

Our collections are designed using organic cotton, and recycled polyester. A combination of these materials is how we achieve our super soft and full handfeel.