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Benjamin de Chantérac

En route to benjamin

We are heading towards Paris, the home of Benjamin de Chantérac. A man driven by his endless passion for comic strips, cartoons, memes … and the designer of our Tuning collection.

If the French capital has had a turbo effect on his career since 2008, it is on the French Riviera that it had all begun. At 18, he crossed the path of a professional comic trip artist, who fanned the flames of his passion. A dream that soon became a reality for Benjamin. Curious, connected to the world around him and its history, art had an oversized role in his life: it is his life. Felt pens, watercolours, line drawings, 2-metre tall fantasy drawings, a personalized jacket, fashion editorial … Benjamin has done it all!

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The meeting

Furious & fast

The click is instant, reciprocal, inspired. Our concept of customized collections immediately appealed to Benjamin. Our 650m2 space for a creative melting pot, gathering and relaxation did as well… So, without hesitation, we began our fifth collaboration and co-created a superb collection: Tuning.


The collaboration

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Theme #1


Benjamin is obsessed with Japanese counterculture. With his Tuning collection, he leads us to the heart of what is known as “Bosozoku”. This youth subculture is associated with custom-tuned vehicles which know no limits, either in style or in attitude. The order of the day is to exceed the codes of established order. It involves Indecent risk-taking that, as you will have guessed, is an inspiration for our artist. Plunge into his collection.