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Olof Grind

Born to be artist

Being an artist, or being. For Swede Olof Grind, that came from... his parents. Son of two artists, he was cradled by the art world, brought up in a creative environment and, at the age of 13, had already taken his first steps into photography. His language: images.

Dreamy, enchanted, almost in a trace. This is his way of expressing his emotions, his refuge facing his existential doubt, the keepsakes from his travels. Olof is an artist influenced by his roots: trees, nature, the vast Nordic expanses of his homeland. Between portrait and landscape, Olof brings to life the world he encounters on his travels. We join him on his path.

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The meeting

Free Style

For Olof, being an artist means freedom. The freedom of time and space, with no boundaries, no limits: total liberty. So when Stanley/Stella approached him with carte blanche, it was just too tempting. His only condition regarding his contribution was that it had to be sustainable, since all of his works are. Spot on!


His work

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Theme #1

Sweet wilderness

Capture freedom. Seize the ephemeral. For his first collaboration with Stanley/Stella, Olof took us to Mexico, Los Angeles and Abisko in Sweden. His square compositions in soft colours, that focus on the subject of the piece, are a stunning homage to director Wes Anderson. A collectable collection!