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Pascal Bernier

The original biography of Pascal

Pascal Bernier. Not your average artist. Belgian. Videographer. Photographer. Sculptor. Father. Pascal Bernier is juggling quite some titles these days, but in essence he’s an open-minded human being always questioning himself and the world that surrounds him. He expresses his thoughts through his internationally renowned controversial and conceptual art. You'll find two of his artworks in our collection: the butterfly and the mangas.

En attente
The encounter

A sustainable relationship

Pascal and we go back a long way. He seeks to make his art timeless, relevant and durable. A bit like our collections. So when we talked to him about our ethical and artistic approach, he said: “yes”. This artist who had never wanted to enter into any form of collaboration, saw in ours a fine way to convey his message by making his art accessible to all. He opened up his portfolio to us for three exclusive collections: Manga, Monkey, Butterfly.


His first collaboration

Theme #1


His Manga collection marks the first collaboration with Stanley/Stella. Sexy and provocative dolls straight from one of his favourite PlayStation® games (Dead or Alive 2®) and from his curious fascination with the episodes of “Love Story”. A “best of” eroticism, love and violence: themes that recur time and again in Pascal’s work.

Theme #2


The butterfly symbolizes the butterfly effect. How an insignificant little thing can trigger a sequence of events that are increasingly impacting. We let you guess why the butterflies of Pascal have small flags on the wings. They remind the colors of the countries involved in the Second World War.