We’re here for you:

Monday to Saturday 11 am – 7 pm

Closed on Sunday

welcome to your creative store

650m² entirely redesigned to form a warm and convivial space. Even better than at home!

Ready to shop differently?

Corner collection

At Stanley/Stella you touch the fabrics, compare colours and head for the digital terminals to do your shopping. And since we love all things that are long-lasting except for queuing at the till: it just takes a few clicks.

Shopping on digital terminals


the workshop

Here we print your items right in front of your eyes, on our industrial machines. No collection is printed ahead of time. We invite you to co-create in our workshop the clothes you will be wearing. Or, if you prefer smoothies to industry, pop into our corner café for a treat.

We print in front of your eyes

Make way for creativity!

Creative corner

An entire space for relaxing, creating, working, exchanging … and vibrating. Every month, we organize events and concerts to give you the opportunity to discover and meet the artists who inspire us. Available: free WiFi, sofas, desks, professional scans, amplifiers …all to help you feel at home, or even better!

Time to relax

Mmmm, that’s delicious!

Corner café

Seasonal juices, fine tea, coffee large and small, beers, organic…. When we say Stanley/Stella is your food and drink, it’s because you can really have a bite and a drink here.

Time for a treat!

The sun we love!

Sunny corner

The perfect spot to discuss sustainable fashion, music, rain or shine: on Stanley/Stella’s terrace.

Get out your sunglasses!

The idea and the story behind it all

Graanmarkt antwerpen

Discover our creative store

The idea was to create a store that is nothing like a store: no queues, no till, no overstocks … A space for co-creation, encounters, a place to exchange and share, and to relax. A place to enjoy, work, create, get together with friends, meet artists, listen to concerts, attend creative workshops, eat and drink healthy and organic, dress sustainably with unique temporary collections, and watch your garments being printed before your eyes… In sum, a place that arouses all the senses and especially the 6th: the creative spirit.


The result

We opened our first Creative Store. In the perfect city : Antwerp. A long-standing capital of industry, a contemporary city open to the world, at the forefront of creativity, original and out of the ordinary.


Stanley/Stella is 650m2 redesigned with materials that have their own stories: upcylced wood. Inside: wood that used to line the old railway carriages, where one can still feel the place of the bolts. And on the terrace: wood that was used for scaffolding, more resistant to the open air (and the rain!!). Now you know where you are putting your feet!

and more