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Monday to Saturday 11:00 – 19:00

Closed on Sunday

welcome to your creative store

650m² entirely redesigned to form a warm and convivial space. Even better than home.

Ready to shop differently?


Our flagship store opened its doors in Antwerp, a city known for fashion, industry, and innovation.

Antwerp was an early adopter of railway travel, and played a fundamental role in connecting much of Europe. To honor this, we found original train car floorboards and construction wood and reused it for our own floor, and for our terrace.

Shopping on digital terminals


the workshop

We bring back the handcraft in town. We don’t have stock. We have professional screen printers, direct-to-garment printers, heat transfer presses, and an embroidery machine. Okay, it’s an entire production line.

Choose a piece, grab a drink, and watch your shirt (or any other article of clothing) get printed! No more wasting time looking for designs and clothes you like, in a size that fits.

We print in front of your eyes

Make way for creativity!

Creative corner

It’s a conference table where creative workshops, meet-ups, exchanges and talks happen. Already spend too much time at a desk? Join us at the café. It’s got a Saturday ‘detox-WiFi-couch’ kind of vibe.

Time to relax

Get out your sunglasses!

Time for a treat!