The quality of
 our clothes can be meAsurED by the
quality of THE people
we work with

We’re proud to manufacture in Bangladesh.

Today, after 7 years, 10 million white tees, and countless positive encounters. We’re confident about the direction in which we’re going and want to share what we’ve learned along the way.

Day to day
in Bangladesh

Our 16-employee liaison office in Dhaka supervises the assembly and working conditions, at each one of the factories, every day. Daily inspections monitor production, social responsibility, and environmental policies. This includes process steps, social compliance, worker protection, and waste generation.

Our factories work towards environmental minimalism and gender equality. Together, we strive to integrate production. This means combining processes that are normally done separately and far away, under one roof. In some cases, everything from knitting cotton thread to final packaging can be done at one location.

Fair Wear

Joining the Fair Wear Foundation has helped us put our values to practice. Thanks to them, and our dedicated team in Dhaka, we’ve been able to produce more sustainably, and more transparently.

The Fair Wear Foundation is, a non-profit organization verifies and improves workplace conditions.

We are a leader member as we won a best practice award in 2016 for settlement of anti-harassment cells.

Women make up the majority of the workforce in the Bangladesh garment industry. Like in other countries , they are most likely to encounter physical and verbal harassment. We've set up anti-harassment committees in each one of our factories to empower women, and condemn this kind of pressure. These predominantly women-run groups address worker-manager conflicts and aim for internal resolution.

Take a look at our ‘Best Practice’ video here to see what’s being done.

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