the rules

We don’t cut corners,
we cut steps.

Over 25 years ago, our founder, a young and ambitious bachelor student, Jean Chabert, noticed something about the way people wore T-shirts. He realized that people his age wore their emotions, their beliefs, their favorite bands, brands, and political standings, on their chest.

Changing the imprint business

In 2012 he created Stanley/Stella. He was driven by his initial insight, and confident that there was a place in the market for qualitative and responsible products.

Our commitments

Today, we are among the top ten consumers of Organic Cotton in the world. We are certified at the highest levels of the industry, and have remarkably innovative factories. We are environmentally engaged and inhibited by no one.

From iMprint to retail

In 2017, we entered the world of retail. We believe that our devotion to responsible production will create the same positive change for consumers as it has done in the imprint business. Now, we are focused on creating collections, collaborating with artists, designers, musicians, and a whole army of people that share our vision, and are equally devoted to changing the fashion industry.

We are experts in ethical production and sourcing the very best materials. Our clothes are a statement of our values; proof of our commitment, and retail is how we plan on telling everyone about it.

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